How to Preserve your Wedding Bouquet

Pic 1

Photo by: Brooke Brady Photography

The flowers at my wedding were the most beautiful that I have ever seen, especially my bouquet. Our florist was Amanda, the owner of Woodbury Floral Designs in Woodbury, CT. I knew it would be somewhat of a challenge for her to achieve my vision, due to the fact that I picked spring flowers (peonies) and colors (bright coral & misty rose) for a fall wedding. Her floral design (above) completely exceeded our expectations.

Sadly, when we returned home from our honeymoon, my bouquet was wilted. I had hung it upside down, in hopes of preserving it. It was too beautiful not to save, so I decided to take it apart and display the dried flowers in a glass canister. See the steps for this project, below:


  • Make sure that the flowers are completely dry. If there’s any moisture in the jar, the flowers will get moldy. Begin by taking apart the bouquet very carefully. For me, this meant unraveling the silk ribbon that was wrapped around the base and removing the pearl pins that held it together. Then carefully separate the stems and choose the flowers to be saved.


  • With scissors, carefully snip off the dried blooms and leaves that you want to use. Try to handle them as gently as possible, because dry flowers tend to crumble easily. Begin filling the jar to your liking. The first thing that I added was a piece of the silk ivory ribbon that held the bouquet together. I then layered in a mix of different colored blooms and greenery. I also dropped in the pearl pins that held the ribbon in place. Feel free to add in any sort of extra textiles or pieces, such as the ribbon, pins, or other flowers, like a flower crown or boutonniere. The way that all the pieces come together is what makes it a beautiful and special keepsake!


I love the way that my canister keepsake came out, and hope that this inspires you to save your bouquet and make something beautiful out of it! Let me know if you like this idea, and how you preserved your wedding bouquet in the comments below!

For more information on Woodbury Floral Designs, visit:



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