Backyard Boho Party


This year for my birthday I decided to have a bohemian inspired backyard party. I invited a few of my closest friends for an afternoon of good food, sangria, and flower crown making.

Table Decor:

When choosing table décor for the party, I decided on a color palate first: pinks and purples. I wanted the main focal point of the table to be the flowers, so I ordered a garland table runner from my local florist. I wanted it to have a garden feel, with lots of greenery and texture mixed in with the flowers. I kept the tabletop decor simple with a mix of flowers and beautiful place settings. For the table settings, I used what I already had. I layered my white dinner plates with a set of light pink salad plates. Besides the flowers, I was able to use items that I already had for the rest of the décor.



The setup was fairly simple. I pulled an old quilt out of storage and laid it out on my lawn. I then stacked 3 wooden pallets in the center to make a table. Since we would be sitting on the ground, I placed a seat cushion at each place setting. The amount of supplies that you use will vary depending on how big the party is. You can layer more blankets and pillows around the table for added comfort. Since I wanted to keep my party intimate and budget-friendly, I used what I had on hand.


Flower Crowns:

I love fresh flowers crowns, and I thought it would be a fun activity to make our own and wear them throughout the party. It’s also a great favor for everyone to take home with them. I purchased roses from the local supermarket in all different sizes/colors, and the rest of the supplies from Michaels Crafts. I designated a table and laid out all of the flowers and supplies. It was a fun activity that everyone enjoyed. To make your own flower crown, see my step by step tutorial under Ideas/DIY!


Food & Drinks:

I wanted to keep the menu simple. I knew it would be a hot day, so I decided to keep the food/drinks light and refreshing. We had turkey wraps, a few salads, and a cheese board. I also set up a sangria bar with different kinds of juices and fruit so everyone could make their own. For dessert, my sweet friend made homemade blueberry pie and ice cream (Since I’m not a fan of birthday cake).


This party was so much fun to create and style. I hope you enjoyed this post and leave your comments below!


Concept & Styling: Jenny Alley – Defining Style

Flowers: Woodbury Floral Designs




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