How to Make Flower Crowns



I love making and wearing fresh flower crowns! It’s a fun activity to add to your next party or to do the next time you feel like being creative! I usually make them at my annual backyard boho party and for other special occasions during the year. The flowers that I use come from my local flower shop or supermarket, and the rest of the supplies from Michaels Crafts. I lay out all of the flowers and supplies on a table, so there is plenty of room to work. See the steps for making flowers crowns, below.


  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Scissors
  • Flowers/Greenery


Step 1: Cut a piece of floral wire to fit loosely around your head. Form it into a circle and secure by twisting the ends of the wire together. Cut off any excess wire that remains. Then begin wrapping the floral tape all the way around the wire. This helps to form a steady base for the flowers.

Step 2: Choose the flowers and greenery that you wish to use. I had purchased a variety of roses in different sizes and colors, so that there were different options for everyone. Tape the greenery on first to give the crown a good base. Wrap the floral tape around the stems a few times to secure.

Step 3: Snip off the flower blooms that you wish to use and tentatively place them around the crown, so you have an idea of where they will go. One by one, tape the stem of the blooms to the crown. Again, wrap the floral tape around a few times to ensure that the flowers will not move or fall off.


There are endless possibilities of what you can make your crown look like, so get creative and have fun with it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and try to make your own flowers crowns at home! Please post your comments below and let me know how they come out!




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