Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Summer to Fall

With cooler weather approaching, there is always that urge to pack away summer clothes and invest in a new fall wardrobe. Transitioning your wardrobe into a new season may seem impossible, but it’s actually very simple! It will maximize what you have and save you the money that you would normally spend on cold weather items. With a few simple changes, you can take your summer pieces into fall and even winter!


Layering is the easiest way to take your summer pieces and style them so they are cold weather appropriate. Almost all of the pieces that you wear now can transition into fall by layering. Keep it simple with three layers maximum, in order to avoid a bulky look. If outerwear is one of the layers of your choosing, make sure it is somewhat lightweight. Vests are a great option for fall and can be layered over almost anything. Below are a few examples of summer pieces that can be layered to transition into fall:

  • Summer Piece: Sundress
  • Add: A leather/denim jacket over top and leggings underneath

  • Summer Piece: Shorts
  • Add: A sweater on top and leggings or tights underneath

  •  Summer Piece: Shift Dress
  • Add: A lightweight sweater underneath and/or a blazer overtop


Accessorizing is another easy way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. By swapping out some of your accessories, you can make your outfits more cold weather appropriate. For example, changing up your footwear is an easy fix for keeping your feet warm in the colder months. Switch out your summer sandals or flip-flops for boots or close-toed heels/ballet flats. You can also add style and warmth to any outfit with a scarf.

Must-Have Fall Pieces:

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is fairly easy, but does take a few additional pieces. Below is a list of must-have pieces that will make for an easy transition. Chances are that you own the majority of these pieces already!

  1. Blanket Scarf
  2. Cardigan
  3. Boots/Booties
  4. Vest
  5. Leggings

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it will inspire you to transition your summer wardrobe into fall! Images were taken from the Nordstrom website:



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