Wedding Registry Tips & Must-Haves

Registering for a wedding or bridal shower can be exciting and stressful at the same time. When I got engaged and started planning my wedding, the discussion of a shower began as well. Attending bridal showers is one of my least favorite activities, and the thought of being the center of attention for an afternoon, along with games and gift opening just never appealed to me. My maid-of-honor and mother-in-law really wanted to throw us a shower, so we kindly accepted. The thought of registering was very stressful. My husband and I had moved in together a couple of months before we got engaged, and I had been out on my own for 10+ years, so I already had a lot of housewares. It took a while to figure out where and what I wanted to register for. Here are some tips on how I navigated through the registering process:

Take Inventory

The first thing that I did was take inventory of what I had and what I needed. I already owned items like cookware and dinnerware, but I didn’t have matching sets or as many place settings as I would’ve liked. I knew that the shower would be small, consisting of around 10-15 people, so I wanted to focus my registry on the areas of my house that needed the most help – kitchen and dining. I love to entertain and chose the majority of my registry items for that purpose. I would’ve loved to include bathroom and bedroom items, but making a large registry was unrealistic for the amount of people that would be attending the shower. Once I came up with a solid list, I was ready to choose the store where I would register.

Do Your Research

The next step was to choose where I wanted to register. I have always loved Pottery Barn over all other home stores. When I took “Intro to Home Products” at FIT, I did all of my projects on Pottery Barn, which made me a huge fan of the upscale furnishings store. The style of their furnishings and home décor is consistent with my rustic, country taste. Pottery Barn is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, which is a store that I’ve always loved for the quality and style of their kitchen supplies. Stay true to yourself and your style when choosing where you want to register. Make sure that you have an idea of the items that you want, and verify that the store you choose carries them. There are a lot of different options, so do your research beforehand.

Be Price Conscious

I was very price conscious when I registered. There is nothing that I dislike more than when a bride registers for all very expensive items. Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma can be expensive, so I decided to compare a list of their items to similar items at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and Target. I found that the items at all the stores were comparable in price, which helped me to justify registering there. Unless it’s a high end department store or luxury retailer, most of the popular home stores are fairly similar in their price points. A lot of stores including Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn also offer certain discounts such as 20% off promotions every month, which would help the shower guest save on the expense of buying a gift. I think it’s very important to choose a good variety of items, and a wide range of price-points for the registry. I wanted to keep the majority of the items under $50, and many under $25. There were a few expensive items that I added to the list, thinking that I could buy them after my wedding with the discount that they give you to buy out the remainder of your registry.

Shop Online First

It was very helpful to spend some time looking at store’s websites. It gave me a good sense of what I was looking for, and what items they carried online as opposed to in their actual store locations. I did most of my registering online, however we did go into the stores to initially sign up and scan a few things. Both websites allow you to manage your registry online. They also provide tools and registry suggestion lists based on the popularity of items that customers have registered for in the past. Another benefit that they provide is a thank-you note manager, which helps to keep track of who gifted each item. I took advantage of all of their registry benefits and suggestions, which was a huge help during the process.

Registry Must-Haves

Below is part of my Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn registry list & must-haves for Kitchen & Dining:



The Great White Traditional Dinnerware Collection is a classic porcelain dinnerware set. I love that it is plain white, which lets you customize your place settings for different occasions. I also like that the collection includes everything from a butter dish to serving platters. I had a small set of dinnerware, but really wanted more place settings and other matching pieces. I registered for 2 sets of each dinnerware item to give me a total of 8 place settings. I also registered for coordinating pieces such as the gravy boat and butter dish. The PB great white dinnerware collection can be found here:

 Great White Butter Dish
Item #: 4047981
Price: $8

Great White Gravy Boat
Item #: 8050726
Price: $8

Great White Snack Bowl
Item #: 8050056
Price: $5

Great White Traditional Dinner Plate, Set of 4
Item #: 8427387
Price: $36

Great White Traditional Salad Plate, Set of 4
Item #: 8423303
Price: $28

Great White Traditional Soup Bowl, Set of 4
Item #: 8427726
Price: $28

Great White Cheese Tray
Item #: 2708329
Price: $24

Great White Creamer
Item #: 8050361
Price: $8

Great White Sugar Bowl
Item #: 8049926
Price: $8



A set of monogrammed glassware is the perfect registry item. I had a ton of random wine glasses that I had received as gifts and from going to vineyards. I really wanted a nice set of wine and martini glasses for entertaining. The classic wine and martini glasses from Pottery Barn were perfect. Like a lot of their merchandise, I was able to order them with a monogram. I was so excited to take my husband’s last name, and having our initial put on this classic set of glassware made them even more special. The PB glassware collection can be found here:

PB Classic Wine Glass, Set of 6
Item #: 5513684
Price: $36

PB Classic Martini Glass, Set of 6
Item #: 5512363
Price: $36


A great set of cookware is very important to have in any kitchen. I had a very old mismatched set, and really needed a newer one. This is a great nonstick aluminum set that comes with 2 different size fry and sauce pans, 1 stockpot, and lids to go with them. The WS cookware sets can be found here:

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 8-Piece Cookware Set
Special Offer Online Only Item #: 4004594
Price $299.95


A great set of bakeware is also a kitchen must-have. This set is great for a beginner, because it provides 4 basic pieces to get you started. I have always cooked but never attempted to bake, so this set was perfect for me. I also added the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer. I’ve always wanted one, and fell in love with the Artisan Design’s glass bowl and beautiful Champagne color. Williams-Sonoma Bakeware can be found here:

 Williams-Sonoma Cleartouch Nonstick 4-Piece Bakeware Set
Exclusive Online Only Item #: 8014664
Price: $49.95

KitchenAid® Artisan Design Stand Mixer – Champagne
Item #: 7253391
Price: $399.95


This is a great cutlery set that I registered for and use all the time. I don’t know how I ever lived without more and 1 paring knife and 1 chef’s knife for all of those years. This set has 8 knives in it, including 4 steak knives. It comes with a beautiful hardwood block to keep them clean and protected. Cutlery can be found here:

 Wüsthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Block Set
Monogram Item #: 3678349
Price: $229.95

Kitchen Linens


Kitchen linens are very important and used more than any other kitchen item that I own. I love the mixed set of towels, stripe potholder, and oven mitt. They come in a wide variety of colors, which is great. I chose Khaki, because it’s a great neutral that goes with everything. The WS kitchen linens collection can be found here:

 WS Mixed Set of Towels
Item #: 5353610
Price: $19.95

WS Stripe Potholder
Item #: 4640181
Price: $9.95

WS Woven Oven Mitt
Item #: 4640207
Price: $12.95

Tabletop & Bar

Having a set of bar tools is great for entertaining. This was something that my husband really wanted to include on our registry. This stainless steel set is great, and a few of the 8oz. shakers are perfect for making small batches of different cocktails at the same time. WS bar tools can be found here:

 Monogrammed Stainless-Steel Bar Tool Set
Online Only Item #: 2354967
Price: $34.95

Stainless-Steel Cocktail Shaker, 8 oz.
Item #: 8988644
Price: $7.95

Seasonal Items

Not everything that you register for has to be a necessity. I took advantage of the fact that we were getting married in my favorite season, so I included a lot of fall themed items just for fun. The watercolor pumpkin collection at Pottery Barn is so beautiful and adds nice seasonal color to any kitchen. I also registered for the pumpkin covered pie dish from Williams-Sonoma, which is great for Thanksgiving or any fall occasion. The watercolor pumpkin collection can be found here:

The pumpkin covered pie dish can be found here:

Watercolor Pumpkin Kitchen Towel
Item #: 8647042
Price: $14

Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Covered Pie Dish
Item #: 8529021
Price: $39.95


I have to say that I loved my bridal shower and all of the gifts that I received from my registry, but my favorite gifts were the ones that were handmade by family members. My Grammie put together a cookbook of all of our family’s recipes. This was my favorite gift, and will allow me to carry on our family traditions for years to come. My other favorite gift was an old wooden trunk that my in-laws refinished for me. I hope that this post helps future brides through the registering process. Please leave your comments below!


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  1. I completely agree about the cookware! I love my Calphalon cookware! I found a great website to purchase stainless steel cookware. My aunt told me once that my uncle wanted to get a set of cookware for their wedding instead of some furniture. She told me “He said it would last a lifetime.” I looked at her and said, “Well, Auntie, I think it has.” They had never purchased another set of cookware than that set they bought originally. Love it!

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