Guest Book Alternatives

A guest book is traditional to have at a wedding. It is a way to remember who was present on your special day. I personally think that this idea is kind of old fashioned. A book of signatures seemed like an unnecessary keepsake from our wedding. I liked the idea of having our guests acknowledge their visit to our wedding, but in a more modern way. I did a lot of research on guest book alternatives and this is what I came up with.

My first thought was having everyone sign something that we could display in our home. I liked the idea of a photo matte or a large wooden letter that we could hang up. I also liked the idea of having a sign made with our names, the date, and a place for everyone to sign. The problem with all of these ideas is that often times, the guests won’t take the time to sign them. I’ve also attended weddings where the sign or guestbook was tucked in a corner and not clearly visible to the guests.


We decided to do Wedding Ad-Libs as a guestbook alternative. They’re sold just about everywhere online. I found the perfect limited edition ones by an Etsy shop called “My August Press” on the J. Crew website. I loved the content, color, and lettering. We put them at each place setting so that the guests could fill them in at their own table during the course of the evening. We collected them at the end of the night and got great reviews from the guests on the activity. I would highly recommend using them as a guestbook alternative. We had a successful experience using wedding ad libs and will enjoy reading them for years to come!


I hope everyone enjoyed reading about our guest book alternative! Please leave your comments below.


Photos by: Brooke Brady Photography –



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