Wedding Sparkler Send-Off

A sparkler send-off is a great way to end an evening wedding! It was something that I really wanted to include at our wedding last fall. It didn’t go quite as expected, but it was really fun and I love the photos that we got from it! Make sure that you discuss it with your photographer beforehand, so that they are aware and will plan to photograph it. Here are some tips on how to pull it off:


There are only a few things that you need for a sparkler send-off. First and foremost, you need sparklers. I went with 20” sparklers, because I knew that it would take a few minutes for everyone to light them, and I wanted to avoid them burning out before they were all lit. Also, try to have an idea of how many people will be attending the wedding, so you can purchase the right amount. You will also need to purchase lighters, and as many as possible depending on the size of the wedding. We had 55 guests, and I had purchased 7 or 8 lighters. A few people lit theirs at the same time, but it took a while to pass them around. I would say the more lighters, the better.



The set up was fairly simple. I had purchased small cards to go on each sparkler (see photo below), and placed the bundle in a display vase. I also printed out and framed a “Sparkler Send-Off” sign with the time that it would take place. I put the sparklers and the sign on the table with the place cards, so that everyone would see them when they entered the wedding. It’s good to have an idea of where you want the sparkler send-off to take place as well. We loved the building where we got married so much, that we did it right out in front. It is best to be somewhere outside in the open, so there is no chance of a fire hazard.



We planned to have the sparkler send-off at 10:00pm on our wedding night. We made the photographer and DJ aware of the event, since they were coordinating for us. Around 9:30pm, we noticed that some of the older people were ready to leave. We decided to start the sparkler send-off right then. We had our DJ make an announcement while the photographer set up out in front of the building. Everyone grabbed a sparkler on the way out, and our photographer directed it from there. When it ended, we went back inside to continue the party.


It didn’t end up being a bride and groom “send-off”, but it was so much fun and we got some great photos of the event! I hope that this inspires couples to try a sparkler send-off! Please leave any questions or comments below! Thanks for reading!



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