First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary, which is what inspired me to write this post! I spent a lot of time prior to the date planning the perfect gift for my husband. Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary gift is paper, which is what all of the following ideas are based on. I like the idea of having a gift theme, because it narrows down the choices and just makes it more fun! The following are my first wedding anniversary gift ideas:


Tickets are the perfect paper gift for a first anniversary. This is something that you can enjoy together as a couple. There are so many different kinds of tickets that you can give based on your budget and the interest of the other person. Some examples of ticket gifts are: concert/musical, sporting event, airline, museum, etc. If the person has a favorite musical group or sports team, see if they will be having an event around the time of your anniversary that you both can attend. Depending on your budget, train or airline tickets for a vacation or weekend getaway would be a great gift! You can really personalize it based on the interest of the other person! Make sure that when you order the tickets, that you get the actual paper tickets to give the person, so you stay consistent with the “paper” theme!


Books are another great paper gift idea. Depending on the interest of the gift recipient, there are endless different types of books that can be given. Maybe there is a certain type of book that they like to read or have been wanting to purchase. Even if they’re not necessarily a reader, there is most likely a reference book that pertains to their interests. You could also look into book signings in your area, to see if there is anything that might be interesting to them. Sometimes you can buy autographed copies of books as well. Journals are also a great gift idea, if the person enjoys writing. If you really planned ahead, you could keep a journal of your first year of marriage and give it as the gift on your anniversary!

Art Prints/Posters

Art prints or posters are another great paper gift idea. If the person is really into a certain artist or type of art, you can buy a print or poster and have it framed for them. Minted ( has a great selection, with everything from fine art prints to typography art. If the person has an office or studio, maybe they could use some framed prints to put up on display. My husband is a musician and has framed posters and band flyers hung up around his studio. You can get really creative with this gift and customize it to the recipient’s style and interests.


Last but not least for my first anniversary gift ideas are photos! There are so many different options with photo gifts. You can have any photos of the two of you (engagement, wedding, honeymoon, vacation, etc.), framed or put in an album for your significant other. This is the gift that I chose to give my husband for our first anniversary. I decided to do a sexy boudoir photo shoot for him. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and think that it is the perfect first anniversary gift! It was such a fun experience and I love how the photos turned out. I had the photographer enlarge and matte 10 of my favorite prints, and then I made an album with an additional 50 smaller size prints. Photo prints of any kind are something that they can keep and cherish forever, so I highly recommend them as a first anniversary gift!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first anniversary gift ideas! I haven’t decided whether or not to do a boudoir photo shoot blog post, so if you would like to hear more about it or have any questions or comments, please let me know!





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