Gilmore Girls Fan Fest


I have had a small obsession with Gilmore Girls since it came out in 2000. I own all of the seasons on DVD, and watch the entire series every year starting in the fall. This year was particularly special, because the follow-up series “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” premieres in November! The show centers on the lives of a young woman and her single mom in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The town of Stars Hollow is based on Washington Depot, Connecticut. I have always loved Washington and the Litchfield County area of CT – I grew up in the neighboring town of Roxbury, attended middle school, and got married in Washington last October.

When I heard about Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, I really wanted to attend, meet some of the cast, and see how they would recreate Stars Hollow in the town of Washington. The ticket prices were very expensive, and I just couldn’t swing it. I did, however, decide to drive down to the area to walk around and see how far I could get without a ticket! To my surprise, I was able to find parking and walk around to the different events. The lines were very long to meet the cast and I had a limited amount of time, so I just walked around and looked at the scenery. It was interesting to see some of the cast members from afar and see how they transformed the town to look like Stars Hollow! I’m really glad that I went to check it out! It was pouring rain, but I did get a few photos – See below!



I hope you enjoyed reading, and leave your comments below!



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