How to Host Friendsgiving


Friendsgiving is a tradition that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It’s basically a Thanksgiving celebration with friends, rather than family. I have never attended one before, but fell in love with the idea after hearing about it a couple of years ago. This year, my husband and I decided to host our first Friendsgiving!


The Rules:

  1. The host makes the turkey & gravy – Since cooking a turkey can be a lengthy process, it is easier for the host to take on the task. Plus, it is just not something that can be easily transported. I opted to make the stuffing as well, but traditionally the host will only make the turkey and gravy.

  2. It is a potluck event – The host will organize the menu and coordinate who brings what. Each guest brings one Thanksgiving side/dessert. There are only so many sides and dessert options, so if it’s a large crowd, you can always assign things like appetizers, drinks, etc.

  3. Everyone brings a bottle of wine/beverage – Alcohol and other drinks can be a huge expense when throwing a party. Everyone should bring a bottle of wine or drink to contribute and share.

  4. The host will coordinate the set up – Make sure that if you’re hosting, you can arrange a setup that will accommodate your guests. We ended up having more people attend than we thought would, so the setup was tricky. We live in a very small house without a dining room, so I had to move part of our sectional couch into the kitchen and set up the tables in the living room! We served the food buffet-style in the kitchen area.

  5. The host will set the table – For the table settings, I used a mix of glass and plastic pieces, because I didn’t have enough of every piece to serve 12 people. I didn’t want to spend a lot of extra money, so I went with what I had, and used plastic pieces to fill in the gaps. I did purchase cheap linen tablecloths and a few table decorations. For the centerpiece, I used candle holders that I had from my wedding, purchased a few pumpkins, and cut some beautiful grasses and plants to layer on the table.

    Our event turned out great, and was one of the most fun events that we’ve ever hosted! I hope you enjoyed reading about how to host a Friendsgiving – Please leave your comments below!



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