DIY Advent Calendar


The Advent Calendar was my favorite Christmas tradition growing up. It is a calendar that is used to count down the days of advent to the arrival of Christmas. There are many different types of advent calendars, but typically there is something to open each day, such as a picture or small gift. With the recent passing of my mom, I’ve realized the importance of carrying on our family’s traditions. Christmas was her favorite holiday, and she always had an advent calendar for my brother and I. This year, I decided to start the tradition of making my own! Here is how I did it:



  • Wooden Cubby Shelf
  • 25 mini boxes
  • Ribbon
  • Mini Christmas Decorations
  • Candy/Small gifts (to fill the boxes)

I looked into a lot of different advent calendar ideas, but really wanted to buy a wooden box that I could fill and decorate. I found it really hard to find a wooden box with 25 open compartments. I searched all over the internet including sites like Etsy and eBay. I couldn’t find one that was the right size or in decent condition. I finally decided to invest in the cubby organizer from Pottery Barn – It was exactly what I was looking for. The shelf was on sale, but was still on the expensive side. I could justify the price knowing that I would use it every year for this Christmas tradition, and also as a shelf in our office throughout the rest of the year.

After I had the base, I gathered the rest of the supplies to fill it. I purchased white favor boxes and ribbon from Michaels Crafts. I also purchased candy/small gifts to fill the boxes, and supplies to decorate it. Everything except the wooden shelf was very inexpensive. I will link everything below.


First, I assembled 25 favor boxes and filled them. Since I don’t have children yet, I made this one specifically for my husband and our cat, Pepper! I used things like candy, scratch off tickets, and small holiday toys for my cat to fill the boxes. Once they were filled, I tied them up with ribbon. Then I placed a box in each cubby and started to decorate around them. For the decorations, I used mini bottle brush trees, pieces of faux garland, and mini Christmas ornaments. See photos, below.

This was a really fun and easy Christmas craft. I am excited to carry on the tradition of making an advent calendar every year in honor of my mom’s favorite holiday. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions! Hope everyone has a great holiday season!


Supplies Links:


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