Fashion Week Guide


What is Fashion Week?

Fashion week is an industry event that takes place consecutively in major style capitals around the world, starting with New York City. The term “Fashion Week” refers primarily to womenswear shows. It is often referred to as “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week”, because Mercedes-Benz is the official sponsor of the event. The show takes place twice a year in each city during February and September. During this time, designers and brands exhibit their latest collections in womenswear to buyers and the media. The event consist of a series of runway shows and presentations. The collections that are shown at fashion week are for the seasons ahead and influence both the current and upcoming trends. The February Fashion Week displays the following Fall/Winter collections, and September Fashion Week displays the following Spring/Summer collections. There are also other unrelated fashion shows that occur during various times of the year, such as Men’s, Resort, and Haute Couture. See my Fashion Event Guide for a timeline of when and where the shows take place during the year.

Guide to New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week started around 1943 in New York City and was originally called “Press Week”. The New York Fashion Week presentations took place all over the city until 1994 when they found their home in “the tents” near the Garment District in Bryant Park. In 2010, the location moved to Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center. Many designers present at Lincoln Center – these are usually in the form of runway shows. Some designers and brands present their collections in remote locations around the city, such as art galleries, studios, event spaces, and iconic buildings. Each designer presents in their own unique way, depending on their style and budget. Most of them are runway shows, with a standard parade of 30-40 looks. The other form is Presentation Set-Up, in which models act as mannequins in a showroom, to allow guests a close-up look at their collection. The looks that are shown during fashion week are usually not what will be for sale the following season – they are just an idea of the style and trends that will be featured in the stores.

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