My Style


Hi Everyone! I’ve received multiple requests to blog about and “define” my personal style! Please see my post below and let me know if you would like any additional details or have any questions!

My Style

My personal style is a mix of classic, bohemian, and vintage. Since the majority of my time is spent at the office, I live in classic pieces – sheath dresses, cardigans, dress pants, and ballet flats or heels. When I am not working, my style is much more laid back – denim, flowy tops, and dresses. I love bohemian style and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. For accessories, I like to keep it simple. I have a few go-to bags, sunglasses, etc. For jewelry, I own a variety of different styles but really only wear the vintage yellow gold rings and other pieces that my mom has given me over the years.


My biggest source of style inspiration is my mother – She grew up in California in the 1960’s and 1970’s and had the wardrobe to prove it. She was very much into beauty and fashion, which inspired me to be as well. Her closet contained a mix of bold prints, flowy blouses, and maxi dresses. I would constantly go through her clothing, accessories, and jewelry when I was little, which helped to form my personal style and love for vintage. As I grew older, my interests led me to gain experience in both the beauty and fashion industries through employment, internships, and education. Last year, I decided to share my knowledge and experience as the foundation for a blog. ‘Defining Style’ is a platform where I can share my interests and what I define as stylish, in an effort to inspire others.

How I Shop

Prior to attending fashion school, I spent money recklessly on clothing and accessories. I was obsessed with trends, and would splurge on designer and brand labels. My style and the way that I shop changed while I was attending FIT. During my first semester, I was calculating markup percentages in my ‘Math for Retail Buying’ class, and began to  realize how much money I was wasting on pieces that cost virtually nothing to make. My spending habits would change again after I started working in retail. My favorite store at the time was J. Crew, so when I landed a job there, I purchased a large collection of their merchandise with my employee discount. After leaving, I couldn’t justify purchasing anything at full price ever again. I also realized that the majority of the pieces, while purchased at a discount, would end up being a long-term investment with the care and dry cleaning expenses that went along with keeping them in good condition. I still love expensive brands, but I tend to only shop sales and markdowns. I almost never purchase anything at full price unless I can justify the affordability of the item.

Where I Shop

When shopping for apparel and accessories, I like a variety of department stores and specialty retailers. For work-wear, I like the style of J.Crew, but tend to shop at stores that carry similar pieces at better price points and easier to-care-for fabrications, such as Gap or Loft. When I’m not at the office, I shop at a variety of stores for everyday looks. I love inexpensive full price or sale price items from Free People, Anthropologie,  Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, J.CrewAbercrombie, etc. For basic pieces, I shop at Target or H&M. For trendy styles and fast fashion I like Zara and Forever 21. I also love one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and collect vintage dresses from the 60’s and 70’s. For these styles, I shop at vintage stores, flea markets, on eBay, and Etsy.

I hope that this post gives you a better insight into my who I am, and what “Defining Style” means to me! Lets continue to share and inspire each other’s style!


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