Our Pregnancy Announcement


I’m so excited to finally announce that we are expecting our first baby on November 8, 2017! This has been the hardest secret to keep, but we wanted to wait until it was safe to announce the news. I’ve taken the last few months off from blogging during a somewhat difficult first trimester. I found out that I was pregnant at the end of February when I was only 3 ½ weeks along! The hardest part about finding out so early is waiting for the first trimester to end, and to finally be in the “safe zone”. I would count down to milestone dates/doctor’s appointments, but the time went by very slowly. I also learned very quickly about the symptoms that go along with being pregnant. It is much harder to grow a baby than I thought! The nausea, aversions, and exhaustion were almost unbearable at times. I ended up having to tell my employer early on, because of the amount of personal hours that I was taking for doctor’s appointments. Luckily they were understanding and kept the news confidential. At 12 weeks, we opted to take the Harmony test, which gives the most accurate results for diseases and abnormalities. After a week-long wait for the results, we found out that our baby was healthy and also found out the gender! It’s a girl! I love that we were able to find this out early on, so we could start designing the nursery and shopping for the baby! We waited to tell our parents/grandparents on Mother’s Day by surprising them with these cards, and gender reveal cupcakes. I tried to delay us announcing the news to everyone else for as long as possible, due to a surprise 30th birthday party that I had planned for my husband at the end of May. I didn’t want the baby news to take away from his special day that I had planned for so long. We announced the night before his party, which worked out perfectly for us. It was so nice to finally share the news with everyone! I am now 17 weeks, the time is flying by, and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone for your love and support, and continuing to follow along with me!

We put a lot of thought into our pregnancy announcement, and wanted it to be different than others that we had seen in the past. We took our photos at the same location where we had our wedding, The Washington Club, which made them even more special! I wanted a variety of photos that would incorporate both of our interests and ideas. We used the BABY letter balloons for a few photos, which were much harder to use than we expected. They were very hard to keep in place inside, so I can’t imagine trying to get a photo with them outside with any amount of wind! We also took a lot of photos incorporating the fact that my husband is a professional drummer and musician! He purchased a mini pink drum set to use as a prop and will also be our daughter’s first instrument. The photos were taken by our friend and wedding photographer, Brooke Brady. See our announcement photo gallery below!



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