How to Make Floral Table Garland


Hi Friends! I wanted to share a tutorial for the floral table runner than I created for my recent baby shower! I love making and using garland as a table runner. It’s an easy alternative to a traditional centerpiece and just an overall beautiful way to decorate your table for a party, shower, or other event! See instructions below.

Floral Table Garland


  • 1 Bouquet of Eucalyptus (per 6 feet of table length)
  • 1-2 Bouquets of Flowers (per 6 feet of table length)
  • Candle Holders & Votives or Pillar Candles


  • The first thing that I did was gather all of the supplies that I needed. I purchased two bouquets of eucalyptus from my florist – each bouquet was enough for six feet of garland. I also purchased a few bouquets of bright pink and coral roses. You could use any variety/color of flowers for this project. Both the eucalyptus and flowers were easy to find – I purchased the flowers from Costco, because they were inexpensive and allowed me to save money in my budget for other shower décor.

  • I had a set of gold mercury glass candle holders and votives from my wedding that I wanted to add into the garland. Pillar candles would’ve also looked gorgeous, but I didn’t want to spend the money on them, so I just used what I had on hand.

  • Once I gathered all of the supplies, I started to layer them down the center of the table. I used tablecloths in a neutral tan color, so the garland would be the main source of color and texture on the tables. I started with the eucalyptus, and snipped off the stems that had a lot of leaves. I started to layer them down the center of the table, making sure that there would still be enough room to set it afterwards. After that, I snipped the stems off of the rose blooms and discarded them. I began to layer the roses into the eucalyptus, making sure that they were tucked in enough so that you wouldn’t see where I cut them off of the stem. I purchased roses in 3 different colors, so I alternated them down the garland. I then placed the candle holders on either side of the garland in an alternating zig-zag pattern.

The garland came out beautifully and couldn’t have been any easier to make! I love the mix of texture and color that it added to the tables! I hope you enjoyed this easy floral garland DIY! See more photos below!






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