Meet Jenny


Hi I’m Jenny, the founder of Defining Style, a Connecticut-based fashion & lifestyle blog! I’m a thirty-something business analyst, wife & new mom with an affinity for style. Inspired by my love of fashion, beauty, entertaining, and travel, I decided to share what I define as stylish.  My mission is to inspire others through my style and interests!  How do you define your style?

“Style is a manner of doing or presenting things.”

My love for this idea began 13 years ago in the beauty industry. As a hairstylist in Connecticut, I developed an interest in working with people, creativity, and design. As time went on, I realized that I wanted to do more with my career and life. I decided that a new direction was necessary to expand my skills and creativity, which led me to New York City. I pursued my love of fashion and interest in business by immersing myself in the fashion merchandising management program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The wealth of knowledge that I gained from that experience has been a great foundation for my career and life. Now settling into a new profession and family life, I am constantly refining my style and looking for new sources of inspiration for this chapter. Let’s make this a platform to inspire each other’s style! Follow along while I share my simple yet stylish country life!


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